Kew Cemetery

Springthorpe Memorial

During some extremes of weather in late January 2018, the Springthorpe Memorial sustained some damage, due to fast and extreme temperature changes having an adverse impact on the marble.


Commissioned by Boroondara Cemetery Trust, as part of a successful Heritage Victoria’s Living Heritage Grant, conservation are being carried out to the Betram Mackennal statuary group and the Auguste Fischer leadlight roof of Springthorpe Memorial (Victorian Heritage Register # H0522). The conservation works will include the cleaning, consolidation, re-attachment of fallen elements and application of protective coating onto the Bertram Mackennal statuary group. The leadlight cement will be repaired and replaced along with the repair of deformed calmes. Broken and missing glass will be replaced and rust will be removed from metal frames. A polycarbonate protective roof will be installed as well. These works will serve to reverse the recent and ongoing deterioration of the statues and provide greater protection to the roof and statuary below, providing a positive heritage outcome for this highly significant place. In addition, the works will prevent ongoing environmental damage that has contributed to the deterioration of the statuary and roof.


The Boroondara Cemetery Trust’s primary responsibility under the Act, which governs the operations of cemeteries, is to see to the perpetual maintenance of the entire cemetery so it is unable to expend its own funds on the repair or maintenance of substantial private memorials such as the Springthorpe Memorial. Although we have received a grant of $200,000 to commence the above mentioned works on this memorial, it is estimated to cost up to $500,000 to complete the restoration works to the statuary and surrounding garden area. Please contact our office on 9853 7025 or see the attached link for further information on providing a donation to continue the conservation of this significant heritage listed memorial.