Kew Cemetery

Kew Cemetery Brick Wall Rectification Project 

What’s happening?

You may have noticed that we have begun construction works on the perimeter brick wall around the cemetery. These works will involve several different construction methods including complete reconstruction of sections, crack and capping repair, and repointing of mortar.

Why we’re doing it:

The brick wall was constructed in 1896, which makes it over 120 years old! Given its age it does require some maintenance from time to time. We have sought expert advice from structural engineers and heritage architects and are taking this opportunity to upgrade some of the old construction techniques to a modern-day equivalent.

How we are doing it:

Where we are rebuilding sections of the wall, we will reuse the existing bricks; each one meticulously cleaned and prepared to be re-laid. Whilst externally the wall will look the same, we will be upgrading the internal working of the wall which will ensure its structural integrity far into the future. Given its significance in Kew’s history, it is no surprise that the wall is listed on the Victorian Heritage Register. As such, we are taking extra care to repair and restore the wall with the respect that it deserves.

Fun fact!

The wall is 1714m long and consists of 551 panels in both full brick construction and iron palisades. This means that it took over 600,000 bricks to build! A clever way to boost employment during the 1890s depression, don’t you think?

If you have any questions about this project, feel free to drop into the Administration office to have a chat with our friendly staff!